Saturday, September 4, 2010


Welcome and thanks for reading this first post.

As my brief outline above notes, I love all things food. So, it goes without saying, that I will share with you my humble happenings with "all things food".

What prompted me to start this sharing forum was the many times I've heard friends, females and males alike, young and old, say that they couldn't cook.

I believe you chose "not to cook". Preparing a meal, anyone of them you should have at least three times a day (that's the extent of my nutrition and fitness contribution), can be easy, can be complex, can be quick, can be time consuming ... But most of all, the "Food by you" has to be fun.

So, my goal here is to share a lot my experiences with food. It may be Chef Jason Laurin's (Essence Catering, Sticky Fingers blog) recipe adventures, a walk through the Byward Market with Paola St-Georges (C'est bon cooking), a visit to some of our favourite restaurants (Beckta, The Manx, Town, Play Food and Wine, Navarra, Murray Street), a critique of a new kitchen toy, or just how I follow my wife Dianna's directions in the kitchen.

I hope to make food a fun four-letter word experience for you.


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